Thursday, October 9, 2014

Former Obamanistas Now Attacking Obama

Former Obamanistas, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretaries of Defense Bill Gates and Leon Panetta have written books describing Socialist President Pinocchio Obama's feckless foreign policy and his inability to make decisions to protect the vital interests and national security of the United States.  They and the national security establishment have been telling Obama of the threats we face with ISIS and other Terrorist groups for more than two years.   They all recommended action in Syria to stop ISIS a year or two ago.   They all warned Obama about the coming mess in Iraq, a year or two ago and Obama did nothing to stop it.   Leon Panetta told Obama that Benghazi was an attack by organized Terrorists as it was happening and then Obama and other Obamanistas went on TV to tell us that this was a spontaneous demonstration caused by a video portraying Mohammad in a bad light.  This was all a big Obama LIE and everyone in the Administration knew it. 

These former Obamanistas are now trying to preserve their own reputations, which is why they are moving away from Obama, an incompetent and naive Socialist ideologue who has made a mess of our foreign policy.  Even Jimmy Carter, the worst President in modern history and an incredible buffoon himself, is now critical of Obama's foreign policy saying that Obama waiting too long to act in Syria and Iraq.  

Let's face facts.   We will need boots on the ground, as part of a coalition, to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria.   The longer we wait, the harder it will be and the more Americans will die.  Obama declaring that he will never put boots on the ground is just plain stupid.   Giving away our game plan, as Obama has done many times, shows incredible incompetence.   The world is on fire because of Obama's feckless foreign policy.  Now, even former Obamanistas are coming clean, distancing themselves from Obama because they are attempting to set the record straight to protect their own places in history.   The only problem is that the United States and the American people are in great danger because of Obama's inability to deal with the world from a position of strength.   Obama has never learned the lessons of history and our country is worse off for it.   Obama is a smart, very stupid man and we see it everyday of his Presidency. 

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