Friday, October 17, 2014

Socialists Blame Ebola On Budget Cuts

Socialist Minority Leader, Congresswoman Nancy Dizzy Pelosi of San Francisco is now saying that the Ebola Epidemic in Africa and maybe America, is the result of Republican budget cuts.  They are even running ads saying that "Republican Budget Cuts Kill".   Last time I read the news, both the US Senate and the Presidency are controlled by Socialists, so if there have been budget cuts, they were approved by Socialists, as well as, Republicans.  Problem is that there have been no real budget cuts to government health care agencies; just slower spending increases. 

The Botox Pelosi uses to maintain her dumber than wood look has gone to her brain.  The reality is that spending for all US government health agencies, since the year 2000, have doubled and in some cases tripled.   They are getting billions of dollars every year, some of which is wasted on stupid studies; i.e. $325,000 to determine that wives would be happier if they just calm down.  As someone who has been married for 40 years, I can say we did not need a study to determine the obvious.  Matter of fact, Republicans in the House actually appropriated more money for health agencies than was requested by the Obama Administration.   So again, we see another big Socialist lie, so bad that the Washington Post have given them four Pinocchio's.  Why is it that the Socialist answer to big government failure is always that government funding is never enough. 

The United States federal government is spending about $4 Trillion a year; about a Trillion of which is borrowed money.   Our National Debt is approaching $18 Trillion, with no end in sight and that does not include the other $100 Trillion sitting out there in unfunded liability for Social Security, Medicare and Federal Pensions.  Currently, federal government spending accounts for about 25% of total Gross Domestic Product.  When local and state governments are added in, total government spending accounts for about 40% of total Gross Domestic Product.

Obviously, the PEEP's who vote for Socialists, many of whom pay no income taxes at all and some of whom are on the dole don't understand any of these numbers; nor do they care that the US is headed toward bankruptcy, fiscal calamity and likely civil strife on our streets as long as they can continue feeding at the trough.  However, Socialists politicians do understand these numbers; yet they call for even more borrowing, taxing and spending.   It should be considered political malpractice punishable by jail time, or maybe electric shock treatments to the brain in an attempt to restore sound thinking and a dose of reality.

As Ralm Emmanuel, the current Mayor of Chicago and former Obama Chief of Staff always said, "never let a good crisis go to waste" presumably to raise taxes and spending to grow government.  So now it is Ebola at our doorstep because Obama refuses to restrict travel from West Africa that is the crisis du jour.  While Socialists can and do fool some of the people some of the time and even some of the people all of the time, the majority of Americans, those of us with a brain in our head, know the truth about every issue. 

Ebola is not the result in cuts in federal government spending.  Ebola is the result of a highly contagious virus, that still has no vaccination as a remedy and in some cases government incompetence.  No doubt, since there is money to be made, a vaccination will be developed by big Pharma to deal with the epidemic; though probably not in time to prevent the deaths of many more people around the world.   In the mean time, Pelosi needs to lay off the Botox because it not only provides that stupid deer in the headlights look; it is impacting her ability to think rationally and tell the truth. 

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