Friday, October 3, 2014

Ebola Coming To America & A City Near You

Unless Socialist President Pinocchio Obama restricts travel from West Africa, the same as other countries have done, Ebola is coming to America to a city near you.  The Liberian man in a Dallas hospital with Ebola lied, when he responded NO that he had not been around an Ebola infected person.  Just four days before he came to America, this man actually carried a dying Ebola infected woman to her bed.  Now, it is believed that this Liberian man has come in contact with as many as 100 people in Dallas.  And, who knows how many other people this 100 people have touched, in one way or another.  As such, it is inevitable that there will be other Ebola infected people in Dallas and perhaps from this, other cities in the US. 

Both European and other African countries have restricted travel from West Africa and Obama should do the same immediately.   We should be sending as few people as possible to West Africa to help deal with the epidemic; but then putting them in quarantine when they return to make sure they are not bringing Ebola back to the US.  Most important, until this epidemic is dealt with in West Africa, it makes no sense to allow anyone else from there into our country. 

We may come to find that the Center for Disease Control in the United States, based in Atlanta, is not really capable of dealing with this epidemic if it hits the US in a big way.   We have already seen some government failures in Dallas in dealing with the infected Liberian and the people he has come into contact with; so let's not take a chance.  Further, if this virus mutates, as is very possible and goes air born, rather than is just transmitted through bodily fluids, all bets are off.   We could see thousands of people very sick and even die in the US, if we keep allowing people to come from West Africa into the US.  Why in the hell take the chance.   Let's help stop the epidemic in West Africa before it comes to the US.  But, even that requires very careful planning and restricted travel.   It is time for a little dose of common sense, something very rare among Obamanistas.      

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