Saturday, October 25, 2014

Republicans Need To Make Big Things Happen Or Face Extinction

Should Republicans win the Senate in the upcoming election, taking over the entire Congress, they need to make big things happen, or face a backlash from the frustrated people who elected them.  This Blogger does not believe that Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell, who presumably would be the Republican Majority Leader of the Senate can lead the Republican Party effectively to get big things done in the next two years; but time will tell.   No doubt, Obama will Veto many of the things that need to happen to get our country back on the right track; but it doesn't matter.   Republicans can and should demonstrate what they would do if they controlled all three branches of government, by enacting common sense legislation, setting the stage for the battle in 2016 for the Presidency. 

Let's start with bringing to the Senate Floor the 300 or more bills already enacted by the House of Representatives, many with bi-partisan support, that current Majority Leader Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid will not even allow to come up for a vote.  Of course, the House will have to pass these laws again in a new Congress; but they should be able to act quickly since these bills were already enacted by the House in the last two years.  In addition, Republicans should focus on nine big things to get done in the next two years as follows:

1. Immigration Reform beginning with securing our border and creating a path for legal status for illegal aliens currently in the US.   This is a Blue Card not amnesty and not citizenship. 

2. Tax Reform to lower corporate income taxes and create incentives for American businesses to create jobs in America.  In the process, personal income taxes should be cut, as well, to encourage economic development and job creation.

3. Repeal and Replace ObamaCare to end this national disaster once and for all.

4.  Putting a 10 year plan in place to Balance the Budget and pay off the National Debt.  This means cutting spending and eliminating all the waste, fraud, abuse and redundancy in federal government spending.   Many agencies, commissions and even departments should be eliminated and or consolidated.  Republicans need to get federal government spending down to no more than 17 or 18% of GDP, instead of the current 25% by shrinking government.

5.  Saving Social Security and Medicare that are both on the road to insolvency.

6.  Restoring spending cuts to the Military to protect our nation.

7.  Reigning in the EPA that is destroying jobs and whole industries.   Approving the Keystone Pipeline.

8.  Push to pay Government employees in accordance with what is common in the private sector for like jobs.  That means getting rid of cushy pension plans and replacing them with 401K's.  This also means dealing with Collective Bargaining for government employees, which even Socialist Franklin Roosevelt opposed.

9.  Privatize medical care for Veterans by selling off the Veterans Affairs medical system.   We don't need this Socialist Medical System.  Just give Vets a version of Medicare Advantage, at government expense, and allow them to go to any doctors or hospitals they choose. 

This Blogger doubts that Republicans have the guts to take on any of these big issues; but if they don't, they will lose the base of the Republican Party in future elections and the Republican Party will be no more.  If by some chance some of these issues are enacted into law, Obama will no doubt Veto any common sense solutions to solving our nation's problems; but that is OK.  At least it will prove that Republicans can govern.  If we get more of the same gutless governance from Establishment Republicans, they will go the way of the Whig Party and disintegrate.   If Republicans can't get big things done, who needs them. 

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