Friday, October 3, 2014

Obama's Failures & Scandals On The Ballot In November

In a recent speech, Socialist President Pinocchio Obama stated that though he is not on the ballot in November, all of his policies are on the ballot.  The President said this just as Socialist Members of Congress, particularly in Red States, are doing everything they can to distance themselves from this incompetent and naive President.  But since Obama made a point of it; let's count the ways Socialists, that voted for his agenda, should be held accountable:

1.  ObamaCare -  Obama promised that you could keep your current medical insurance, doctor and hospitals and that the average family would be paying $2,500 a year less because of ObamaCare.  Sorry, none of that has happened.  Millions of people lost their health insurance and all of us on average that pay for medical insurance are paying about $2,500 more due to premium increases and higher co-pays and deductibles.

2.  Obamanistas have raised taxes and increased regulations that are both job killers.   The real unemployment rate when all our counted, the unemployed, those working part time that want full time work and those that have just dropped out of the workforce altogether is about 12%.  The Labor Participation Rate at just above 62% is the lowest since Jimmy Carter was President. 

3. Black unemployment is double White unemployment and higher than when George W. Bush was President.   So much for the benefits of electing our first Black President. 

3.  Middle Income families have lost ground earning about $4,000 a year less, in real terms, than they earned in 1989.

4.  Oil and Natural Gas Production are up; but not because of Obama's policies; rather it has happened in spite of Obamanista polices.   We could be completely energy independent if Obamanistas would just get out of the way. 

5.  The EPA continues to destroy jobs and whole industries like coal and forestry.  Manufacturing jobs continue to leave the US because of high taxes and over regulation.

6.  And then, there are all the Obama Scandals; Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks, Veterans Affairs, Secret Service and the NSA spying on all Americans.  The crook and liars associated with these Scandals are being protected by Socialists in Congress and the Obama - Holder Justice Department,which is guilty of obstruction of justice. 

7. Our border with Mexico is not secure.  There are more illegal aliens, drug pushers and Terrorists coming across our border than ever, which is a serious threat to our National Security. 

7.  Finally, the world is on fire because of Obama's feckless foreign policy.  The American people are definitely not safer today than when Obama first took office. 

Obama is right.  All his Failures and Scandals will be on the ballot in November.   A vote for a Socialist Congressman, or Senator is a vote for Obama.   All Socialists, whether local, state or federal are one in the same as Obama.  Birds of a feather flock together.  Most important, a fish rots from the head down and what we have in Obama is one very stinky fish.

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