Monday, October 20, 2014

Gay Marriage & First Amendment Rights

Marriage, a 5,000 year old sacred institution, recognized by the great religions of the world, is between a man and a woman.  In the English language, the words husband and wife are gender specific meaning a man and a woman.  That is not necessarily so in other languages.  In English, we have the words spouse, or partner that are not gender specific.  Devout Christians, Jews and Muslims adhere to the literal teachings in the Bible, Torah and Koran that condemn homosexuality as an abomination.  As a result, those that follow an orthodox interpretation of the Book cannot accept Gay Marriage.  It is what it is.

This Blogger, though very Conservative on all other issues, can accept Civil Unions; though I will not refer to them as marriage, no matter what the Supreme Court says.  Nor will I ever call two men, husbands, or two women, wives.  I would use the words spouse, or partner as more logical in keeping with the English language.  What Gay people living in Union call each other is their business; but I do not have to use terms that make no sense to me.  Civil Unions can provide all the benefits of marriage and also the pitfalls, like Gay Divorce.  Be careful what you ask for Gay
Americans.  Just ask anyone who has gone through a nasty divorce that can take years to settle.  As someone who has been married for 40 years, divorce appears to be a miserable experience most of the time.  Gays will now get to share in this misery.

Since the Supreme Court has made Gay Marriage legal, we are likely to see years of more court battles, the same as has occurred with abortion because about half the population of the United States does not accept either premise, as evidenced by all the state votes outlawing Gay Marriage and attempting to limit abortion.   People on both sides have very strong feelings about these issues.  These cases will involve First Amendment Rights related to Freedom of Speech and Religion.   The PC Police will now want to characterize any speech condemning Gay Marriage as Hate Speech.  It is already happening.

The Lesbian Mayor of Houston is now persecuting several Evangelical Pastors for their sermons against the Gay Life Style.  The Mayor is demanding copies of their sermons and all personal correspondence with Church Members, which is a clear infringement of 1st Amendment rights.  The fact that I will not use the words husband or wife, or marriage, no matter what others say, related to Gay Civil Unions might even be considered Hate Speech, which of course is ridiculous.

We do need to get past all of this.  Ironically, Gays should be a logical constituency of the Republican Party because they tend to be better educated and more prosperous than average Americans, which refutes the fallacy that there is discrimination against Gays.  If the PC Police insist on limiting Freedom of Speech and Religion, it will only harden opposition to the Gay Life Style.  As has been the case related to abortion and radical feminists that refuse to accept any reasonable limits on abortion, if rational thinking does not prevail and radical, strident Gays take this on, we will see 40 or more years of 1st Amendment court battles related to the Gay Marriage issue, which will only cause animosity.  

Those that believe Gay Marriage is wrong on religious grounds should be free to hold that belief.   Attempts to persecute devout Christians, Jews and Muslims will lead to a backlash and more division in our country.  This Blogger suggests that Gays accept their gains and get on with life.   There are so many other problems we have to deal with in our country, that this one should be at the bottom of the list.   Gay Americans, picking a fight, when they have already won the battle, only brings more attention to the issue.  As the song says, Let It Go.   

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