Thursday, April 7, 2022

Woke Public Schools Have Reached Insanity Related To Teaching About Sexual Orientation

When half the kids in the United States cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level, woke public schools now want to teach kids as young as kindergarten about sexual orientation and their body parts.  Many of these kids are fresh out of being potty trained.  Young children are being told that it does not matter what their biological sex may be that instead they can be any sex they want to be.  This is radical LGBTQIA indoctrination and totally inappropriate for children in elementary school.  It will cause incredible gender confusion, which is their objective.  

The Public Schools are badly broken and even sick.  The good news is that Conservatives are winning school board elections across the country and may be able to help stop the insanity; but in most areas without a fight or state laws, it will continue.  That is why we must fight tooth and nail for School Choice. All parents must have the same rights as the rich to send their kids to the schools that match their values and belief systems.  The money must follow the kid wherever the parents want it to go.  Woke parents can keep their kids in woke public schools if that is their choice.  People of faith or just sound mind should be able to choose otherwise. 

This is the civil rights issue of this era.  We need a federal Parents Bill of Rights, which will happen if Republicans take back control of the government.  Parents need the right to approve curriculum.  Parents need to see what is going on in classrooms, which is now possible with live video feeds with a login in for parents.  Parents must be able to rate teachers, administrators and schools so other parents can see those that would be a danger to their children.  That means that parents must have regular access to public school classrooms.  It must be Trust But Verify going forward.  

It is time for a revolution in education.  Half the country is not buying what the woke Socialist Fascists are selling.  So, we have to starve the beast in order to get them to listen.  It will not happen any other way.  Only when it costs them jobs and pensions, they will get the message.  

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