Sunday, April 3, 2022

Disney - The Wokest Place On Earth Not So Happy

The Disney company is in big trouble with half the country with many calling for a boycott of all things Disney.  Companies really need to stay out of the culture wars and stick to business to protect both the interests of all their employees and their shareholders.  In this case, Disney has decided to support the radical LGBTQIA agenda in opposing Florida's new law that prohibits any kind of sex education in grades K - 3.  No where in the bill is the word Gay mentioned; but the wokesters have described this new law as the Don't Say Gay Law.  Of course, that is baloney.  

Can we get back to common sense, please.  Children in grades K - 3 should be focused on the primary colors and learning to read.  This is particularly important since half the kids in the country cannot read or do math at grade level. Many inner city kids are way below grade level.  Spending this critical time dealing with sexual orientation of any kind with kids that are just a few year out of wearing diapers is ridiculous. 

There are lessons that should be taught to kids at this level like learning how to learn and tolerance of differences of all kinds.  The focus in early grades should be on discipline, self-control and on preventing bullying and or using fighting to solve problems.  In all cases related to sex education, nothing should be taught that is not age appropriate.  And, all curriculum and subject matter should educate not indoctrinate. The radical LGBTQIA agenda is way beyond what should be emphasized in elementary school.  That does not mean that once kids can understand that there can be differences in sexual orientation, particularly after puberty hits around the 8th grade that appropriate discussions should take place; but in context of science from a biological standpoint, or maybe social studies related to civil rights.   

Disney is doing damage to its brand.  They will lose business because they have chosen to support the radical LGBTQIA agenda.  They are creating a hostile work environment for many of their heterosexual employees.  Don't be surprised if they are not faced with a class action lawsuit for discrimination against heterosexual employees.  The 14th Amendment equal protection clause of the US Constitution protects the rights of all peoples not just LGBTQIA persons.  And, now there are politicians in Florida calling for Disney to lose its special status, which granted Disney the right to complete control over the land that Disney owns in Orlando.  

If this special status is revoked by the Florida Governor and legislature, Disney will be subject to city and county governance, which could mean regulations and taxes that do not apply today.  Other companies should heed what is happening with Disney and stick to their knitting to avoid offending half the country.  That does not mean ceasing to support diversity, inclusion etc.  It does mean doing so in a way that doesn't push employees, shareholders and customers away.   

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