Friday, April 22, 2022

Poor Joe Biden - Wrong On All The Issues

Joe Biden is obviously suffering from early onset Dementia, which is why he confuses issues and or often has that deer in the headlights look on his face.  It really is pretty sad to watch.  It is bad when the Easter Bunny at the Easter Egg Hunt at the White House has to pull Biden away from the crowd because of what he was saying to people there.  Biden's ratings are in the toilet at under 40% approval because he is wrong on all the key issues.  Biden is losing Hispanics and non-college educated working people without whom Socialist Fascists will face a blood bath during the upcoming elections.  It is very likely that Republicans will also get a pretty good share of Black voters as gas approaches $5 or more a gallon across the country and inflation soars to 10%.

Poor Joe.  He just can't catch a break.  Bidenistas are insisting on the mask mandate on airplanes and trains, which is a loser.  The border is completely out of control as about 2 million illegal aliens have invaded our country since Biden took office with many more on the way.  Even many Democrats in Congress have abandoned Biden on the border issue.  

And then there are the public schools as Bidenistas characterize parents protesting Critical Race Theory Marxist racist revisionist history and 1619 Project indoctrination and imposition of the radical LGBTQIA agenda right down to Kindergarten as "domestic terrorists".   Soccer Moms and many others are not happy and are organizing all over the country to remove woke School Board Members from office and fire woke Superintendents.  They will be voting for Republicans in 2022 and 2024.

Finally, Biden's radical Climate Change Agenda is great for countries like China, India and Russia but absolutely lousy for America.  We are already seeing energy prices go through the roof because Biden is making it harder for companies to drill for oil and natural gas.  Most people cannot afford electric cars at $60,000 or more.  These elitists live in a dream world.  People facing higher energy prices will be voting for Republicans in 2022 and 2024.  Expect some Blue States to turn Red.  It is coming.  

Joe Biden is suffering from Brain Fog that often impacts people who have had Chemotherapy.  The old man is clueless.  Biden reads the scripts put in front of him by the Socialist Fascists in his administration pulling the strings.  The fact is that Joe Biden does not even understand what he is reading, or the impact on the American people.  Oh well, when the Socialist Fascists lose of the Congress in 2022, they will blame Joe Biden and push him to resign.  The day is coming.  The will be like rats jumping off a sinking ship.  It will be Bye Bye Biden.  Joe Biden will not even see the train coming until it runs him over.  

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