Thursday, April 7, 2022

Socialist Fascists See Election Disaster Coming in 2022

Since Joe Biden's poll ratings are in the toilet and he has made such a mess of things, Socialist Fascists, Fake News, the Deep State and their supporters see election disaster coming in 2022.  Obama when asked about the upcoming election said "the Socialist Fascists should just tell their story."  What story?  Gas prices at $5 a gallon.  Inflation approaching 10%.  The invasion of illegal aliens at our border.    The disgraceful exit from Afghanistan.  The war in Ukraine.  Policies that ended US energy independence.  A lousy deal with Iran that will not stop them from having nuclear weapons.  Schools closed for two years.  Public Schools pushing Critical Race Theory and the radical LGBTQIA agenda.  Riots, looting and businesses destroyed.  Crime that is out of control.  And finally, a Covid vaccine that did not end Covid.  What part of this story is good news. 

Socialist Fascists are so panicked that they may attempt to go nuclear; calling Republicans Nazi Racist, Misogynists, Homophobes that want to destroy Roe V Wade and end abortion.  Of course none of that is new.  It happens every election cycle.  The Socialist Fascists have nothing to run on.  The best they can do is scare their voters to get them to the polls.  The problem is the the price at the pump is a constant reminder of their failures.  The best part is that 6 months ago they were telling oil and gas companies to stop pumping and drilling.  

Now the Socialist Fascists are insisting that oil and gas companies pump and drill like crazy because they know that if gas prices remain high, they will lose the Congress.  The prognosticators now believe the Socialist Fascists will lose 60 seats in the House and enough seats to lose the Senate, as well.  Republicans will also pick up Governor's seats and state legislatures in purple states.  

There is a Red tsunami coming and it scaring the hell out of the Socialist Fascists and their supporters.  Bad news for Joe Biden is that the Biden Crime Family corruption is now out in the open front and center with the Big Guy, daddy Joe getting his 10% cut.  Betting that after the shellacking the Socialist Fascists will take in November, they will force Joe Biden to resign.  They won't want Biden anywhere to be found in 2024.  Not that Quemala Harris is any better; but Biden will have to be the fall guy for the huge electoral losses that are coming.  

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