Monday, April 11, 2022

Concentration Camps In Russia

 Vladimir Putin has ordered his troops to deport thousands of Ukrainians at gun point presumably who might be trouble makers to "Filtration Camps" in Russia.  Given Russia's history murdering millions of Russians in the Gulags of Siberia aside from the danger to Ukrainians, Russians better beware because Putin would also put Russian trouble makers in these same concentration camps.  

As a former history teacher who knows the history of Adolf Hitler and his concentrations camps  very well that murdered millions of Jews, Handicapped, Gypsies and Gays, we are starting to see history repeat itself with the butcher of Moscow and I am not talking about Josef Stalin; though he fits the description too.  Putin is a war criminal that must be brought to justice and I am not just talking about sanctions against him and his family.  I am talking about hanging the same as happened in World War II with war criminals.  The Russian army has brought in portable crematoriums to deal with the murders they are committing in Ukraine to destroy that evidence.  There are many other Russian war criminals as well that must be brought to justice. 

The world cannot stand by much longer and watch history repeat itself.  It is time to use cyber warfare to shut down the Russian Military.  We have the technology to do it.  At least stop the killing at its source making it easier for the Ukrainians to push the Russians out of their country.  How many more atrocities must the world see before the world not just the United States takes action.  It has to stop now and Russian assets wherever they are in the world must be confiscated to rebuilt Ukraine.  This should not boil down to the American taxpayer again as always seems to happen.  There are Russian assets that can be seized to do the job.  

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