Monday, April 11, 2022

Abortion After Signs Of Human Life Is Murder

When the Supreme Court enacted abortion into the law by a contorted opinion of the 14th amendment equal protection clause and right to privacy in the Roe V Wade decision in 1973 by a 7 to 2 vote, there wasn't the technology there is today that shows conception by about 7 days after fertilization and a human being heart beat as early as 7 weeks. There weren't the definitive sonograms that there are today that shows a fully formed baby by 3 months of gestation.  I know because as a proud grandfather I was seeing all of these visuals on my cell phone sent to me by my daughters-in-law through 4 pregnancies so far.  The notion of just calling this a blob of tissue also known as a fetus after there is a heart beat to avoid the words human being is ridiculous. 

What we have now in many Blue states is abortion on demand right up until birth and even after in the name of a woman's right to choose this infanticide murder of entirely viable babies.  Five were recently discovered in a medical dumpster in Washington DC; but this is happening all over the country.  And after about 3 months, the suction method is no longer feasible.  Instead, the abortionist must use clamps to reach into the uterus and literally pull the baby apart limb from limb to destroy a child.  There are also partial birth abortions happening where the baby's spinal cord and brain are destroyed half out of the woman's uterus.   If this is not the hand of the devil, I don't know what could be worse.  We know now that babies are viable at about 5 months of gestation.  We know that babies in the woman uterus feel pain because when surgeries on performed on babies while in the womb they must have anesthetics to avoid pain.

We know so much, but what is really important is that we know that abortion after signs of human life is murder.  Many Red state are now passing laws that prohibit abortions once there is a heart beat.  Other Red States are prohibiting abortion after 12 or 15 weeks of pregnancy.  Cases will come before the Supreme Court this term to determine if these restrictions are reasonable.  The court would not need to strike down Roe V Wade to abortions once there are clear signs of human life.  Hopefully, this time around, there will be a majority on the Supreme Court the recognizes the technology that exists today proving that abortion after sign of human life is murder.  The mother may have a right to choose abortion; but only before life is visible.  At that point, the baby has a right to life; not to mention the father who may not want his baby aborted.  

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