Saturday, April 23, 2022

Red State Governors And Attorney Generals Must Stop The Illegal Alien Invasion At Our Border

It is very clear that feckless Joe Biden will not only do nothing to stop the illegal alien invasion at our border, Bidenistas are in fact doing everything they can to maintain an open border to welcome in even more illegal aliens.  It is time for Red State Governors and their Attorney Generals to come together to combat the invasion at our border.  Governors control state National Guard units.  Texas and Arizona need help now with more troops to supplement the Border Patrol that is overwhelmed.  California and New Mexico need help too, but those states are controlled by Socialist Governors and Senators that support the invasion.  

So Red State Governors should immediately send their National Guard units to Texas and Arizona to interdit the cartels and stop both the drugs flowing into our country and the illegal aliens coming in every day.  Once apprehended,  illegal aliens should be bussed to Blue States.  Let their taxpayers fund the billions of dollars needed to support illegal aliens in our country.

Next, Red State Attorney Generals must come together to sue the Biden Administration for failure to enforce immigration laws on the books that are being ignored.  Once their is a Republican Congress elected in 2022, Joe Biden must be impeached for failure to enforce immigration laws.  In the meantime, cases must go to the Supreme Court if necessary to seek injunctions and cease and desist orders to stop Bidenistas from destroying our country.  

The time is now for Republican Governors and Attorney Generals to act to protect and preserve our country in accordance with our Constitution.  The 10th Amendment provides for States Rights for just such moments as this.  It is also necessary to call a Constitutional Convention to deal with this illegal immigration issue.  People entering our country illegally must be deported.  It is just that simple. 

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