Monday, April 18, 2022

No More Masks - Free At Last - Free At Last

A federal judge struck down Biden's executive order still requiring masks on public transportation including airplanes, trains, buses etc.  We are Free, We are Free at last.  What we learned from the Covid nightmare is that we can never allow big government to take control of our daily life ever, ever again.  The Socialist Fascists in the Deep State destroyed thousands of small businesses, spent trillions of dollars on pet projects that has resulted in double digit inflation,  wrecked education for millions of children and generally made life miserable for the American people.   They are going crazy that Masks are over as a result of a Trump appointed judge's ruling.   

And, now we know that all of their mandates did little to slow Covid deaths.  In fact, Red states that opened up sooner did better than Blue states that kept the mandates in place.  It was all BS.  Taxpayers spent billions of dollars to develop a vaccine, which was great for Big Pharma; but did not kill the virus.  Instead, we should have invested far more on therapeutics to treat the virus to save lives.  Flip Flop Fauci should be FIRED for the havoc he caused in our country.  

Masks were a worthless preventative.  Big Pharma and their allies prevented remedies that cost little like taking Zinc, Vitamin D and Curcurin along with malaria pills.  Other countries successfully used this cocktail to treat Covid, but not in the US because there was little money to be made.  Covid was a classic case of government overreach, dictatorial powers and Big Companies feeding at the trough.  We must say NEVER AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN.  Many were feeding at the trough getting rich off Covid at the expense of the American people.  Big business did just great, while small businesses lost everything.  Lessons learned.  Government, Fake News, Big Business and Tech and the Deep State Establishment can't be trusted; but then we knew that already.  

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