Thursday, April 14, 2022

Socialist Fascists & Big Tech Panic Over Elon Musk Offer To Buy Twitter

Elon Musk already bought 9% of Twitter.  Now he wants to take the company private with a $43 Billion offer to take over Twitter.  Socialist Fascists and Big Tech are in a panic because they don't support Freedom of Speech.  Everybody knows that Twitter and other Big Tech platforms are Socialist Fascist propaganda machines pushing their far left agenda.  Anybody who disagrees with the party line is cancelled.  So if you are pro-life, pro-gun, pro-American Energy Independence, pro-school choice, anti CRT indoctrination in our schools, or opposed to imposition of the radical LGBTQIA agenda in our country and pro -traditional family you are persona non grata on Twitter, Facebook etc. You will be cancelled. 

Along comes rebel Elon Musk who says just wait a minute. Musk supports the First Amendment of the US Constitution, which protects Freedom Of Speech, Press and Religion.  Musk knows that Twitter is a radical Socialist Fascist Big Tech Platform completely opposed to the First Amendment.  Musk knows that our democracy depends on First Amendment freedoms so what Twitter and other Big Tech platforms has been doing in anti American and very detrimental to our country.  Obviously, if Musk is successful in buying Twitter many of the Socialist Fascists that work there will have to go.

This America First patriot is rooting for Elon Musk.  The very notion of cancelling anyone for their beliefs provided they are not advocating violence is contrary to our democracy.  It has to stop.  Big Tech has far to much power and should be broken up.  We cannot allow a handful of people in our country to control what we think and or to dictate what they think on the rest of us.  Our freedoms are under threat like never before and worse than from any foreign enemy.  Let's hope Elon Musk is successful in his take over of Twitter  Our freedoms depend on it.  

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