Monday, April 25, 2022

Socialist Fascists & Dark Money

Socialist Fascists are always complaining about "Dark Money" related to campaign contributions.  Supposedly, Dark Money is legally contributed anonymously.  The reality is that Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) actually collect more Dark Money in campaign contributions than Republicans.  It is hundreds of millions of dollars each election cycle.  Of course, they are hypocrites; but that is nothing new in politics. Chuckie Schumer and Fancy Nancy Pelosi both control Political Action Committees in place to receive Dark Money.  Then they dole it out to Socialist Fascist candidates as a means of managing who is able to feed at the trough.  The Republicans do the exact same thing.  It is standard practice in the DC Swamp. 

Specific to these secret donations, they are not so secret.  Socialist Fascists get their money from many rich left wing billionaires like George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and the usual cabal of Socialists in Fake News, Hollywood, Big Business and Big Tech.  Everybody knows who they are so really Dark Money is not so Dark. 

Socialist Fascists are supported by those that want abortion right up until birth and even after, open borders to secure cheap labor, elimination of our gun rights, curtailment of our First Amendment rights of free speech, religion and conservative press and destruction of the carbon energy industry.  And, of course, they get big Dark Money contributions from teacher unions and other government employee unions to buy politicians that will do their bidding.  

Frankly, the whole concept of Dark Money is pretty silly since these donors are very predictable on both sides.  Why not make all political contributions completely public and remove all caps on contributions.  We might as well see who is pulling the strings on both sides.  There would be very few surprises.  And, we will find that many play both sides of the game so they win no matter who is elected.  It is called corruption and it is legal.  

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