Saturday, April 30, 2022

Socialist Fascist Party Of America

The old Democrat Party is DEAD.  What remains is the Socialist Fascist Party of America.  These extremists are so left wing that they literally support abortion right up until birth and even after.  California is enacting a bill that could be interpreted to allow the murder of a baby for up to 28 days after birth without any penalty. Hopefully, this will be challenged in court for the infanticide that is represents.  It is sick.  

The Socialist Fascists support a completely open border no matter how many millions of illegal aliens invade our country.  They even want to give illegal aliens the right to vote and in New York City and they have done just that.  The Socialist Fascists support Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist revisionist history and 1619 Project Indoctrination in our schools and the radical LGBTQIA agenda right down to kindergarten.  The teachers unions that support Socialist Fascists are literally destroying our public schools so that they can continue feeding at the trough.  Remember, these are the same people that have labeled parents standing up at school board meetings to just say NO as "domestic terrorists".  They have even authorized the FBI to investigate these same parents as though they were Al Qaeda.  

Socialist Fascists want their PEEP's to get everything free in life at the expense of hard working taxpayers.  They don't care if they bankrupt our country because they hate America.  They want student debt forgiven again at the expense of taxpayers many of whom never went to university.  Given the opportunity, Socialist Fascists would raise taxes even higher than they are now on the 50% of Americans that pay taxes.  Why would they care, their PEEP's don't pay income taxes.  

Socialist Fascists oppose the 1st Amendment, freedom of speech, press and religion.  In their latest attack on our freedoms, they have established the Disinformation Governance Board as part of Homeland Security to regulate the First Amendment.  Of course, they oppose the Second Amendment, our right to bear arms because they fear an armed populace that might rise up against them.  To them, the 75 million Americans that voted for President Trump are all terrorists and or White Supremacists even though many that voted for Trump were people of color.  They continue trying to destroy Trump because they fear his reelection in 2024, which they know is likely if he runs again.  

Now, the Socialist Fascists are in a panic because they see the Red Wave coming in 2022 and 2024.  This will make them more dangerous than ever as they attempt to cling on to power.  That will mean more election fraud in Blue States now in the name of the Climate Crisis.  Just wait and see.  In those states, they will ignore election laws like they did in 2022 to rig elections.  Clearly, the old Democrat Party is dead.  What we have now is the Socialist Fascist Party of America and they are EVIL.  


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