Friday, April 15, 2022

Sending Illegal Immigrants To Blue States

The border state Governors should round up illegal aliens coming into their states and bus them to Blue States.  So, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico on the front lines should do as Governor Abbott of Texas is doing and send them on to Washington DC and or other Blue States run by Socialist Fascists that support open borders.  California is a border Blue State so illegal aliens are already welcome there.  Texas and Arizona should send more of them to California as well. 

Governor Ron DeSantis, an American hero, of Florida, a Red State has made it very clear that illegal aliens are not welcome in Florida.  He has said that if they come, he will ship them to Delaware.  Good for him.  Let the taxpayers in Blue State support the millions of illegal aliens entering our country.  And other Red State Governors should also make it very clear that they will be shipping any illegal aliens entering their states to Blue States and Washington DC, as well.  

Thanks to feckless Joe Biden and his open border policies, the United States is facing an invasion at our Southern Border.  Two million illegal aliens have entered our country during his first year in office. Millions more are on the way.  Fine, if Blue States support open borders, the taxpayers of those states should foot the bills to pay for them.  

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