Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Time To Revoke Woke Disney's Special Status In Orlando

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is proposing to revoke the special status Disney was given in 1967 as an incentive to bring Disney World to Orlando, which at the time was a backwater swamp agricultural part of Florida.  They created the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which allowed Disney to rule over 38.5 square miles with little or no state or local governance.  That means that Disney has avoided additional local and state taxes for years.  Woke Disney has decided to meddle in local politics in opposition to Republicans insisting on more parental control of public schools. 

So now the Republican controlled state legislature and the Governor are looking to revoke Disney's special status, which means they would be subject to the laws of Orange County where they reside.  I would think that 55 years of this special status is enough.  That would also mean that Orange County can begin imposing taxes on Disney, which no doubt will result in even higher ticket prices that are already outrageous.  

The days are gone when a family could enjoy going to a Disney Park without taking out a second mortgage.  The ticket and food prices are so high that spending more than a thousand dollars a day for a family of four would be normal and that would not include lodging.  And, what is really bad is that Disney Parks are so crowded because they don't really limit attendance that just getting on three or four rides in a day is about all that occurs because the lines are so long.  Unless of course, you pay an extra $20 per person to get to the front of the line per ride.  Disney World has become a real rip off. 

There are lots of other great entertainment options for far less money.  In the meantime, the state of Florida needs to send a message to Woke Disney.  Stay out of the culture wars and stick to your business, or face the consequences.  Hopefully, the Board of Directors of Disney will insist that they get back to their mission to provide wholesome family entertainment at a reasonable price.  If not, take a pass.  Vote with your feet and wallets.  Half the country that is not woke needs to stop supporting Disney.  What other option can there be?  

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