Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Forgiving Student Loans - A Very Bad Idea

About 94 million people in the United States around 42% age 25 or older hold some form of college degree.  The majority of degree holders are White.  So obviously that means that 58% of people in this same age group do not hold college degrees many of whom are people of color.  Socialist Fascists want to see student debt forgiven.  Other than to buy votes, the question is why?  Everybody knows that college graduates tend to make more money than those who do not graduate from college.  So presumably since student debt forgiveness would be paid for by taxpayers many of whom make less money than college graduates, how on earth is that fair.  

And, then there are people like my daughter-in-law who worked for years to pay off her student debt.  Should she get a refund?  Then there are people like Me who worked my way through several university degrees without taking out any student loans.  Forgiving student debt would make both me and my daughter-in-law suckers.  Look, no matter how long it takes, those who borrow money to earn college degrees should pay off their debt.  And, or companies could be given tax breaks to help those they recruit pay off their loans.  

There are creative ways to deal with this issue.  Work as a teacher for five years in an inner city or rural area to get debt forgiveness.  Join the military to get debt forgiveness.  Most important, the American taxpayer should not be on the hook for student loans.  This is about personal responsibility.  Those who benefit from higher education should pay for it. 

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