Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Lack Of Forest Management Causing Devastating Wildfires

The Socialists tell us that disastrous wildfires happening all over the Western states are the result of Climate Change.  And, whether true or not, the reality is that these fires are caused by the lack of proper forest management.  In a recent hearing in the House of Representatives broadcast on CSPAN, Department of the Interior management testified that there needed to be logging and removal of dead trees on more than 50 million acres of forest land that is not happening today because of lack of resources and or lawsuits filed by various environmental groups stopping forest management from happening.

It was said that the federal government can implement perhaps 1 million acres a year of forest management with current funding provided they are not stopped from doing so by litigation.  They further said it would take decades to deal with the 50 million acres of forest that requires forest management now.  The end result is devastating forest fires that have destroyed thousands of homes and made many areas in the West unlivable because of terrible and dangerous smoke during the fire season.

Radical environmentalists put the rights of animals over the rights of people.  They want to protect habitat as though birds and other animals that are completely mobile would not just move to the millions of acres still available to them.  In fact, no doubt more animals are lost during these fires than would be impacted by proper forest management.  

It is time for business groups and others to organize to demand that Congress enact laws to prevent many of these lawsuits and provide for proper forest management.   Logging trees is a completely Renewable resource.  Thousands of jobs have been lost in the logging industry because these environmental groups supported by Democrats have been stopped from logging on federal lands.  It is ridiculous because this is a renewable industry.  For every tree cut, two are usually planted to provide for harvests in the future.  And, dead and diseased trees must be removed to provide for healthy forests.  What we need now is some common sense.  These devastating fires can be prevented; but it requires comprehensive forest management that is not happening today.

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