Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The Biden Crime Family - 10% For The Big Guy

Joe Biden lied through his false teeth when he said he knew nothing of Hunter Biden's corrupt business dealings.  There is now substantial evidence being reviewed by the Grand Jury indicating that the Big Guy, Daddy Joe, was getting 10% out of all Hunter Biden's crooked deals.  Drug and sex addicted Hunter Biden was selling influence to get to his father.  Hunter made deals worth millions of dollars with China, Russia, Ukraine and other countries that came to the Biden Crime family including Joe Biden's brother.  This is probably the biggest case of corruption in American history aside from all the Clinton shenanigans.  

Fake News and the Deep State covered it all up to get Joe Biden elected.  But now the evidence is coming out and they eventually will use it to destroy Joe Biden after the midterm elections.  Joe Biden has become an inconvenient anchor around their necks.  Biden's poll ratings are in the toilet, which will lead to a bloodbath in 2022 at the polls.  The Republicans will take over the House and take back the Senate in 2022.  After than happens, Joe Biden will have to go.  Biden will be the fall guy, when in fact it is Socialist policies that are being rejected by the American people.  

While there are grounds to impeach Joe Biden for corruption and his many failures, or they could use the 25th Amendment to get rid of him as a result of his dementia, it could be that Republicans will stand back and let Socialists hang in the wind.  If that happens, Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State will push for Biden's resignation because they will not want to go into 2024 with Biden still in the picture.  One way or another Biden will be done in the next year.  The only question is how will it happen.  

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