Thursday, March 12, 2015

Two Cops Shot In Ferguson, Missouri

During supposedly "peaceful protests" in Ferguson, Missouri, two cops were shot and wounded.  Fortunately, they were not killed.   This was to be expected, since Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama, Liar Attorney General Eric Holder and Race Hustler Al Sharpton, among others in the Socialist Party, continue to demonize the police ignoring the facts on the ground.  Black on Black crime, committed by Black men, is the primary reason young Black men and others in the inner cities of our country are regularly murdered.  These killings are rarely at the hands of the police and usually only when threatened with lethal weapons.  This is happening because the Black family in our inner cities has broken down as 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock to single Moms.   And, public schools in our inner cities have failed to educate most kids and left wing Socialists will not allow for School Choice so that these kids can escape the public system.   Sorry, but these are facts not Socialist fiction. 

Every day, Cops risk their lives to prevent crime in our inner cities.  In doing so, they practice restraint in the face of gangs carrying heavy duty, often illegal weapons.   This Blogger can't understand why anyone would want to be a Cop in our inner cities, which are often like going into a war zone.  Years ago, when I was a young teacher in the inner city of Los Angeles, we got combat pay; an extra $2,000 a year for teaching in the inner city because we were dealing with gangs and kids carrying guns.  Matter of fact, one summer school year, I had the two rival gangs in my classroom.  I had to established my classroom as neutral turf on pain of throwing the kid out of school.   I was not particularly threatened because I laid down the law so to speak; but each weekend, I lost a student because they were out killing each other.  You can only imagine the tension on Monday mornings when these gang members, which included the girl contingent, returned to school. 

Since Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson was completely exonerated by both a Grand Jury and the Justice Department investigation, which demonstrated that Wilson killed Thug Michael Brown in the line of duty, the Holder Justice Department issued a "scathing" report saying that the Ferguson Police Department gave out traffic tickets to Blacks to raise money for the city.  Hello, that happens all over America particularly in small towns.  This White Blogger got tickets both in Comfort, Texas and outside Cleveland, Ohio, driving through small towns years ago.   The tickets were paid on the spot, the first before a Justice of the Peace, who was actually a car mechanic and the second by the officer taking a Visa Card to cover the fine.

Holder claimed that their was racism involved in Ferguson related to these traffic tickets.  Really??   67% of the people of Ferguson are Black.  85% of the traffic tickets went to Black people.   Could it just be that inner city Blacks, that are often living in poverty, have old clunkers that might get the attention of a Cop.   In any case, this practice of using traffic tickets to generate income for small towns happens all over America.  The fact that 67% of the people that live in Ferguson, that happen to be Black, were the target of this practice is just plain demographics and may have nothing to do with racism. 

In any case, Obama, Holder, Sharpton and other Socialists, including the left wing lame stream media must stop their war on the Cops; otherwise they have blood on their hands.    These Socialists are not only inciting riots, they are inciting potential murders of Cops.   Civil society will break down completely without Cops in our inner cities.  Sometimes tough love is required in tough neighborhoods.  Though I left working in the inner city after six years and never looked back, this Blogger has been there and I know that working in the inner city is no day in the park.        

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