Saturday, March 7, 2015

GLEE - Ruined By The Radical Gay Agenda

This Blogger loves great music.  As a result, as a former junior and senior high public school teacher, several years ago, I was attracted to a TV program called GLEE about a bunch of quirky, very talented kids taught by a great teacher who brought them together in a Show Choir in an Ohio high school.  Their goal was to compete in Sectionals and Regionals to be eligible to compete in the National Show Choir Championship each year.    

I had many of these students in my classroom, by another name when I taught school; the fat kid, the jocks, the black kid, the Asian, Mexican and handicapped kids and Yes, even the Gay kid.  And of course, there is always a sexual undertone in high schools as kids fall into and out of love.  That is all very normal.  However, a few seasons ago, the producers and writers of the show, who presumably are Gay, decided that it was time to turn what was a sweet story, with great music, originally suitable for teenagers and even younger children, into an adult program rated TV - 14 about Gay sex,  transgender kids and most recently about a female teacher and football coach who underwent a sex change.  

If this was just one episode, who cares; but the scripts have become so bizarre and twisted that what was once a sweet show with great music has been ruined by the radical Gay agenda and really bad script writing.   This show is sick; not because of all the Gay interaction; but because the story lines are often just plain crazy and ugly.  Since the beginning of the series, there has been a woman teacher, who coached the Cheerleaders, that hates the performing arts, acting as a foil, but that character became so dark and ugly that it has gotten sicker by the episode. 

To put this in perspective, what if week after week, a television show was about old, fat, White, Conservative, bald men and all their love interests, who could sing and dance in stupid or bizarre story lines.  For a while, it might be funny and interesting; but eventually it would get very old and BORING.  That is exactly what has happened with GLEE with all the focus on LGBT issues; but in some of the dumbest story lines produced on television and that is saying allot because so much of TV is just plain junk. 

Initially, episodes that dealt with bullying of Gays, or anybody else different, which happens all the time in our schools, were appropriate and that message was good.   Other episodes that focused on teen pregnancy, drug abuse, homelessness, or blended families were also good; but now what we see just about every week is Gay, Lesbian, Transgender propaganda designed to push the radical left wing Gay agenda; but in a way that is often bizarre and harmful.  Look we know Gays are different.  In fact, Gays are better educated and as a result often earn more money than average Americans.  But enough is enough.  We get it. 

This Blogger is not anti-Gay; nor in denial that there are a small percentage of Gays, Lesbians and Transgender people in the World, including in our high schools.  I support Civil Unions for the LGBT community; but to push this message in a high school setting, week after week on GLEE, has wrecked this show with incredibly bad story lines.  Thankfully, this is the last season of GLEE.   Some shows go out with an audience longing for more.   Given what we see on GLEE today, it is time for this show to end and mercifully the sooner the better.  The music, that used to be wonderful, is even crappy.   GLEE fans, watch the repeats from the first 3 or 4 seasons for a treat.  Otherwise, forgettaboutit.  The last few seasons of GLEE are just plain crap.

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