Sunday, March 22, 2015

Russia Developing Long Range Cruise Missiles To Target US

Quasi Russian Dictator Vladamir Putin is developing Long Range Cruise Missiles presumably to attack the United States.  Since Cruise Missiles fly low often below radar, it may be difficult to bring them down with anti missile defense systems.  This is a very dangerous development requiring US counter measures and defenses at a time when Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama and his pals in Congress want to cut Defense spending.  With the Russian attack on Ukraine and taking over the Crimea and threatening the Baltic countries, it is very clear that Putin is taking Russia back to the bad old days of the Cold and now even Hot War.

This is happening because Putin believes that Obama is weak and therefore he does not fear the United States.  Obama immediately needs to counter Putin's aggressive behaviors by arming Ukraine with state of the art defensive weapons and by installing missile defense systems in Poland, the Czech Republic and Baltic country NATO members.  We also need to bring tanks back to Europe on the front lines along the borders with Russia to defend against any attack by Putin.  Peace through strength, the American adage practiced by both Democrat and Republican Presidents, before Obama, prevented war with Russia.

Sadly, we are entering a new Cold War with Russia caused by Putin's aggressive tendencies.  Putin, who was head of the old KGB secret police in the Soviet Union, longs for the days of Russian control over Eastern Europe, the Baltics and all other former Soviet satellites states.  This was never really as much about Communism as about Russian expansionism and paranoia.  Putin is demanding control over these surrounding countries one way or another.  We either act now, or we can expect to see Putin's tanks rolling into these countries, which would mean a wider war with potentially nuclear consequences.   We have seen this story before in Europe and it did not have a happy ending.     

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