Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The War In The Middle East - What A Mess

The war in the Middle East is very interesting to watch from a political standpoint.  There are Sunni Islamic Fascists fighting Shite Islamic Fascists that both hate Israel and Western freedom and values.  There are Arabs fighting Iranian Persians to determine which of the two groups will control the Middle East.   And of course, Israel, our only real ally in the Middle East, sits in the middle of all of this as the only real democracy in the Middle East.   As a result of this confusing mess, United States foreign policy, as managed by Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama, in in complete disarray.  The Arab Spring has clearly turned into the Arab Nightmare.  The situation in the Middle East has never been worse because of Obama's incompetence. 

In Iraq and Syria, Obama is supporting Shite Iran and Dictator Assad in their battles with ISIS Islamic Fascists Sunni Arabs.   However, in Yemen, Obama is supporting Sunni Arab Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners to defeat Iranian backed Shite Rebels.  At the same time, Obama is attempting to close a very stupid deal with Iran regarding their nuclear program, the single biggest state sponsor of Terrorism in the world with leaders who chant "Death To America" at public appearances.  Go figure. 

This is what happens when the United States, led by Obama, attempts to lead from behind.  The vacuum that Obama has caused has led to complete chaos and more war.  The Middle East is headed toward all out war between Sunni Arabs and Shite Iranians and their proxies.  We will also see a  nuclear arms race in the Middle East because of the stupid deal Obama is brokering with Iran.  Israel is not likely to stand by and watch Iran develop nuclear weapons and actually could ally with Saudi Arabia and other Arab Sunni nations to stop it.  This is all very interesting to watch; however, the outcome is likely to be a disruption to oil supplies, one way or another, which will impact the entire world economy.  Aside from all the killing going on, this part of the story is not too good. 

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