Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Obama Loses The Election In Israel

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama and his minions, sent to Israel to defeat Israeli Conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, lost big time.  Obamanistas were completely repudiated in this election in Israel, the same way they were repudiated in US elections in 2014.  Obama is clearly toxic when it comes to elections.  In fact, the Likud Party, headed by Netanyahu gained 6 seats in the Israeli Knesset (Parliament), even though the left wing media both in Israel and overseas predicted his demise.   Netanyahu will become the longest serving Prime Minister in Israel's history as he begins his fourth term in office.  

And, Obama was been responsible for Netanyahu's big victory, by expressing his outright hatred of the Prime Minister by word and deed and by snubbing Netanyahu when he spoke before the US Congress.  Obama is extremely unpopular in Israel the same way he is very unpopular in the United States, which worked to Netanyahu's advantage at the polls.  Most important, Netanyahu's criticism of the deal Obama is negotiating with Iran is clearly a threat to Israel and even American security.  Netanyahu eloquently spoke the truth about Iran, the world's largest sponsor of Terrorism, during his speech to the US Congress.  With Netanyahu's big win, it is time for Israel to have a place at the table in negotiations with Iran, since they are the most threatened by Iran's nuclear weapons program. 

Either way, Obama must acknowledge the vote in Israel.  Netanyahu represents the will of the people of Israel that voted thumbs down on Obama.  Obama is so small and petty that as of this Blog Posting he could not bring himself to call Netanyahu to offer congratulations.  Of course, this should be no surprise, since to this day Obama has not congratulated Republicans who took over the US Congress in 2014 by making that election as well all about Obama. 

Most important, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has finally put an end to the two state solution related to the Palestinians.  This concept never had any chance of happening.   Israel needs to cut a deal with Jordon to return the West Bank to Jordon and with Egypt to return the Gaza Strip to Egypt.  After all, there is no such thing as a Palestinian.  It was the Romans that described the area as Palestine as an insult to the Jews.  Israel has been Israel for more than 5,000 years.  Palestinians are Sunni Muslim Arabs no different genetically than the peoples that live in Jordon and Egypt that have controlled the West Bank and Gaza often for centuries.  It is time for this land to be turned over to these countries to be governed by Jordon and Egypt, particularly since the so called Palestinians have proven that they cannot govern themselves.  Further, Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel so that should be off the table, as well. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is right on all these issues.  It is time for Obama and other Western leaders to get with the program to finally make peace in the Middle East and destroy Islamic Radical Fascism.    

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