Monday, March 30, 2015

Iran Nuclear Deal - Walk Away Now

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama is so desperate to get a deal with Iran regarding their nuclear program, for his "legacy", that he is likely to agree to a bad deal.  The 10 year deal on the table will actually allow Iran to further develop their nuclear technology and the missile systems to deliver nuclear weapons.  It is about as dumb as it gets.  Former Defense and Intelligence officers from the Obama Administration are saying that Obama should walk away from the stupid deal that Secretary of State John Kerry has negotiated.   They are also saying that Iran cannot be trusted to live up to any deal. 

The fact is that Iran is the largest state sponsor of Terrorism in the world.   Iran is attempting to take over various countries in the Middle East; hence the reason for the wars in both Iraq and Yemen.  Sunni Arab countries along with Israel clearly see the threat that Iran poses in the Middle East, North Africa and the world; yet Obama continues to see Iran through rose colored glasses.   When Ronald Reagan could not get the deal he wanted with the old Soviet Union related to eliminating nuclear weapons and missile defense systems with Michel Gorbachev, during their meeting at Reykjavik, Reagan walked away to later get a better deal. 

It is time for Obama and other Western leaders to walk away and stop all discussions with Iran because the deal on the table is a very stupid deal.  To get a deal that would prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, harsh sanctions should be imposed immediately to destroy their economy if they don't comply with what we want.  The timing on all of this could not be better with the price of oil down to around $60 a barrel.  The Saudi's are intentionally keeping the price of oil low to punish Iran and Russia.  They get it.  Hopefully, Obama and Kerry will walk away from the stupid deal on the table.  If not, the next President will have to deal with Iran by reneging on this stupid deal to actually prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  In the meantime if Obama signs this deal, it will foster in a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.  It is what it is.  

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