Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Secret Service Party Boys - Danger To The President

It seems like every few months we have incidents related to the Secret Service, in business to protect the President, his family and other high level government officials.  Secret Service agents have been caught cavorting with prostitutes and in various levels of drunken behavior in various countries.  What the heck it happening.  Obviously, given the seriousness of this job, any Secret Service Agent whose is guilty of these behaviors must be FIRED; but the real question is why is this happening. 

There must be some problem with the culture of the Secret Service that may be years in the making.  This whole Frat Boy atmosphere must have been tolerated for many years by management.   Of course, these are high pressure jobs; but obviously, Frat Boy behaviors can't be tolerated. 

It looks like heads need to roll.  It may requiring house cleaning of many of the Secret Service's top management.  If these things were happening in business, you can bet people would be fired.  In this case, protecting the President, his family and other high level government officials, in an era of Terrorism, it just too important to allow these behaviors to continue. 

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