Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Trouble With Socialists In America

Most Socialist members of Congress come from the Northeast, the Left Coast and a few big cities in the Midwest.   While there are Socialists in other places in the country, the majority of  Governorships, State Houses and now the Congress are controlled by Conservative Republicans, or perhaps RINOS in what is called "Fly Over Country".   However, the lame stream left wing media, based both in the Northeast and the Left Coast would have us believe that the nation is a center left country, which of course is baloney.   If that were true then how come so much of the country is Red and not Blue.     

The reality is that the United States is a center right country composed of those of us that cling to our faith, family values and guns.  The majority of Americans are now even pro-life because the technology clearly demonstrates that it is a BABY that is being murdered by abortion.  The lame stream left wing media claims that we are "intolerant" when in fact it is Socialists in America that are intolerant of our beliefs, so much so that on university campuses Conservatives are often not even allowed to speak.  So much for freedom of thought. 

Socialists in America are completely out of touch with the America people, which is the reason they have lost power at both the state and federal levels.  Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama won election twice, as the first Black President because his political operatives did a great job dividing our nation to bring out minorities, radical single women, radical environmentalists, union members and crony Capitalists.  Obama's victories were possible because Conservatives and Evangelical Christians in particular stayed home and often did not vote for either McCain or Romney, both viewed as Establishment RINOS.  While this Conservative voted for both, I had to hold my nose to do so because I knew that neither McCain, nor Romney were Conservatives.  They were clearly RINOS. 

I have determined that I will never vote for a RINO again no matter who the Socialist opposition candidate happens to be as I have done in the past.  What's the point.   We either get a real Socialist, or a RINO Socialist Party Light candidate as we have in Nevada where I live.   In any case, Socialists in America at least need to understand that their Socialist Schemes don't play in "Fly Over Country".  Chuckie Schumer, the likely Socialist Minority Leader in the Senate, who will take over after Dirty Harry leaves office, gets it and at least has so much as said so.  Schumer admitted that ObamaCare cost the Socialists the Congress. 

What Schumer and other Socialists may still not understand is that America is a center right country in which people support limited government, lower taxes, less regulations, faith, family values and gun ownership.  We don't want the government involved in our daily life.   Our Founders fought a revolution to get the rid of oppressive government.   Today, we do this at the ballot box; but nevertheless the message is clear.    

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