Sunday, March 22, 2015

Republican Budget Deal - Proving That Republicans Can Govern

It is very likely that the Congress, controlled by Republicans, shortly will enact a 10 year budget, designed to get to Balance and pay off the National Debt.  Using the Reconciliation process to avoid a Socialist Filibuster, the same process that Socialists used to ram through ObamaCare, which did not pass with a single Republican vote, Republicans could enact a budget involving significant cuts to wasteful spending, while at the same time repealing ObamaCare in both Houses of Congress.   Of course, Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama will Veto the budget, if repeal of ObamaCare is included, however, even if Repeal is later stripped out, Obama cannot put money in a budget that Congress is unwilling to authorize. 

So maybe, just maybe, if Republicans stick together for the first time in decades, we could see the United States on a path to fiscal sanity.   Though it means getting rid of lots of sacred cows, to be clear, cutting spending in Washington DC only means slowing the growth of spending.  Ten years from now, the annual federal budget is likely to grow from the current $4 Trillion to around $6 Trillion.  If Socialists had their way, it would be $10 Trillion or more assuming the markets would ever allow the government to continuing borrowing money to fund all the wasteful spending that happens every year.  As it is, as interest rates do go up, the cost of interest on the Debt alone will approach $800 Billion a year, which is around total discretionary spending today.  It is simply not sustainable. 

As such, the Republican controlled Congress faces its first real test related to their ability to govern.  If a budget is enacted, it will be the first Budget passed by both Houses of Congress in many years.  The Socialists led by Nevada Senator Dirty Harry Reid, typically never bothered to enact a Budget. instead just spending more each year than the year before.  It is time to get rid of all the waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundancy in federal government spending.  Believe me, Congress could cut spending by 10% and no one would know the difference because a lot of this money is just our hard earned tax dollars down a rat hole.         

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