Sunday, March 29, 2015

Religious Freedom In Indiana

The state of Indiana enacted a Religious Freedom law, signed by Governor Mike Pence, that prevents government from impinging on First Amendment rights related to freedom of religion.   This law is old news since 20 states and the federal government have similar laws on the books.   Of course, Gays believe the law is directed at them allowing businesses to discriminate against them.  This comes on the heels of a court case in Washington state in which a woman owning a flower shop refused to provide flowers for a Gay Wedding because she is a Christian and is opposed to such unions.   The State Attorney General and the liberal court in Washington state, along with the two Gay men involved are out to destroy this woman by taking her assets and putting her out of business because of her religious beliefs.  To be clear, this particular business regularly sells flowers to Gays, including the two Gay men involved in the lawsuit and everyone else; but the woman felt SHE could not actively participate in a Gay wedding because of her Christian beliefs, which should be her right. 

The new law in Indiana, along with laws in many other states, would make this case difficult if not impossible to pursue, which is as it should be.   No one should be forced to violate their religious beliefs to provide goods or services to anyone.  This is much like the Hobby Lobby case related to ObamaCare, which requires abortion coverage provided by company insurance.  Hobby Lobby, owned by devout Christians, who oppose abortion, won that case thus far; but no doubt Obamanistas will appeal. 

Let's take this further.  If two Devil Worshippers decided to get married and asked a Christian florist to do their wedding.   And or, if two well known abortionists decided to get married and again asked a Christian florist, or bakery to do their wedding and were refused on religious grounds;  theoretically, based on the circumstances, in some states the business in question could be sued for discrimination, which could even involve punitive damages as is happening in Washington state.    Secular Socialists and the left wing in America believe that only their rights matters.  That's baloney. 

The First Amendment to the Constitution not only protects left wing Socialists; but also religious Conservatives practicing their religion.   If No Shirts, No Shoes, No Service, often seen in restaurants and other businesses near the beach is a permissible reason for denying service, why shouldn't religious beliefs, certainly far more important, also be a reason for denying service. 
This whole discussion is part of the culture war going on in America.  The majority of us that cling to our faith, family values and guns are not intolerant.  We just want our rights protected too.  Though this Blogger would never deny service to anyone, except maybe abortionists, murderers, or child molestors, Christian, Jewish or Islamic Conservatives, when confronted with behaviors that violate their religious beliefs, have every right, guaranteed by the Constitution, to refuse service.   

This in no way should inconvenience anyone, since there are plenty of businesses ready, willing and able to provide goods or services to anyone who feels aggrieved.   Denying service as a result of religious beliefs is in no way similar to discrimination against Blacks in the old
South related to denial of services at restaurants, hotels etc. since Blacks were uniformly denied services, often by law, solely on the basis of their race.   In this case, there is no institutional discrimination, since there are plenty of businesses, not constrained by religious beliefs, offering the same goods or services without any constraints.   As a result, no one would suffer any loss of service just because someone with strictly held religious beliefs refused service.   This is really about balancing the interests of all concerned.      

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