Monday, March 9, 2015

Turkey Now Supporting Hamas Terrorists

The leadership of Hamas Terrorists, responsible for the kidnapping and murder of many Israeli's, were until recently headquartered in Damascus, Syria until Dictator Bashir Assad through them out of Syria.   While we might have expected them to end up in Iran, instead, they are now operating out of Turkey, a member of NATO.  Welcomed by the Islamic Fundamentalist government of Turkey, Hamas is now using Turkey as a base to train their Terrorist recruits. 

How can the United States possibly trust Turkey going forward as a member of NATO.  Matter of fact, this Blogger does not see how Turkey can remain as the Southern flank of NATO, if they are openly supporting Terrorists.  I would love to visit Istanbul, once again, which is a beautiful city; but as an American now that I know that Turkey is home to Hamas Terrorists, there is no way I would go to Turkey; nor would I allow my employees to go there under any circumstances. 

The only good news about this story is that Mossad, Israel's Secret Service, can easily travel to Turkey, one way or another.   The leaders of Hamas, as murderers, should not rest one day, since Mossad is in a position to strike at any time.  You can bet that Mossad is tracking these murders right now.  It is only a matter of time before justice is done.   

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