Friday, March 20, 2015

Starbucks - Sermon On The Spout - Stick To Coffee

Quirky Starbucks left wing CEO, Howard Schultz must be high on caffeine.  He is telling his Baristas, usually high school or college kids, that serve coffee and other goodies in his stores to write "Race Together" on the paper coffee cups they hand out to engage the customer in a discussion about race relations in America.  Really!   Apparently, Schultz wants his young staff members to preach a Sermon on a Spout.  Come on Howey.   This Blogger rarely goes to a Starbucks any more because the price for a cup of coffee is just plain outrageous.  I prefer a 50 cent cup of coffee from MacDonald's and or our local donut store in Reno, Nevada where I live. 

However, if I did ever go to a Starbucks and a young kid, with coffee grounds behind his ears, ever started talking to me about race relations, it would be the last time I ever went to a Starbucks store anywhere in the world.   Let no man or woman come between me and my first cup of caffeine in the morning let alone a young kid presumably lecturing me about race relations in America.  Clearly, Howard Schultz has lost his way.  Customer do not go into a Starbucks, or any other store for that matter to hear some politically correct left wing nonsense that is not based on the facts.   The problems in the Black Community are all about Black on Black crime, substance abuse, failing public schools and the 7 out of 10 Black babies born out of wedlock.  So if someone wants to engage me on the facts, I would be happy to provide clarification; but otherwise don't go there. 

If Howard Schultz really wants to make a difference in the Black community, the best thing could do is hire more Black young people and pay them a lot of money.  Funny thing is, this Blogger rarely sees a Black employee in a Starbucks probably because most Starbucks are in upscale areas where the money is and or in big cities in the business, or tourist districts.  Maybe Howard Schultz should offer free van line service to and from Black communities to get Black employees to work.   And or, if Howard Schultz really wanted to make a difference, he should use his money to fund opportunity scholarships for Black Kids to attend private schools to get them out of failing public schools and or to attend colleges and universities.  Schultz really should use his own money because Starbucks money belongs to their shareholders.   In any case, this latest Schultz idea is about as dumb as it gets and it will insure a loss of business if Schultz is really serious.  We are sick and tired of left wing lectures that have no basis in truth, or facts. 

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