Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Federal Government Pays Out $125 Billion In 2014 - Erroneously

In 2014, the federal government, through 22 separate agencies, paid out $125 Billion erroneously.   Most of this money went to fund Medicare and Medicaid fraud, along with the Earned Income Tax Credit that to goes to low income families that were not eligible to receive it.   Of course in Washington DC, $125 Billion is chump change, out of the $4 Trillion annual federal budget; but it is not chump change to the American taxpayer whose hard earned money was confiscated to pay it. 

The question is whose federal employee heads are going to roll for these mistakes.  The answer is probably nobody.  In fact, no doubt many of these characters, that should be fired, will probably get bonuses and promotions if history is our teacher.  This is just how it works in government.  The incompetent get rewarded instead of fired and sent packing.

This problem will get even worse under Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama's Executive Amnesty program.   As soon as Obama provides as many as 5 million illegal aliens with Social Security cards, they will qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit going back three years by simply filing tax returns.  This will amount to billions of dollars that the IRS will pay out averaging about $35,000 for a family of four.   Clearly, there is no common sense left in Washington DC.  Not only will these illegal aliens be rewarded with quasi citizenship for illegally entering our country.   The federal government will even pay them for doing it.   We have reached fiscal insanity along the road to national bankruptcy.   This all has to stop and soon. 

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