Tuesday, March 17, 2015

EPA Gestapo Wants To Monitor Hotel Showers

Obama's EPA Gestapo is now working on a device to allow hotels to monitor how much water guests are using when they take a shower.   Just wait and see.  This will lead to a hotel water surcharge and eventually to a federal water consumption tax.   Anything that can be measured will be billed separately and taxed by government.  Where does it end.

Just this week the EPA Gestapo announced it is working on regulations to deal with backyard BBQ's related to smoke and fuel usage.  I guess next they will want to measure our toilet flushes.  Why not the number of times we brush our teeth each day.   There are already so many potential intrusions already into private life that do we really need any more.  The EPA needs to mind its own damn business and leave us alone. 

It is time for the Republican controlled Congress to DEFUND the EPA and send them packing.  The states are fully capable of managing environmental issues within region.  We don't need a federal department to make life miserable for all of us.  This is just one more example of extreme government over reach that has to stop.  We have reached ridiculous. 

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