Friday, March 20, 2015

ISIS Terrorist Murders In Tunisia and Yemen

In the last few days, ISIS Terrorists murdered 21, mostly Western tourists in a museum in Tunisia and 137 Shia Muslims worshiping in a mosque in Yemen.  This was in addition to more recent Christian murders in Pakistan by the Taliban.  Now almost every week, somewhere in the world, we see Islamic Fascists, by various names, killing Christians, Jews, Muslims and anybody else that stands in the way of their establishing a radical Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond based on Sharia Law.   It is time for both Western, Asian and moderate Muslim countries to actually declare war on Islamic Fascism where ever it exists.  For the United States that would mean that Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama would have to ask for a formal declaration of war by Congress naming Islamic Fascism where ever we find it in the world.  And, it is a world war because these Islamic Terrorist murders are happening all over the world. 

We need to get serious about eradicating Islamic Fascism and these Fascists where ever we find them.  This threat is as bad a threat to our freedom as the Nazi's were during World War II.  To destroy that threat and the one coming from Japan during World War II, Western nations waged all out war.  Winston Churchill's motto of "Never Give Up, Never Give In" was as operable then as it should be now.  With a concerted effort by all nations threatened by these Islamic Fascists, we can insure that they have no place to hide and no money to recruit other Terrorists, or do business.  But, it will take a world wide effort led by the United States.  There is no other way.  

Sadly, we may have to wait for a new US President to get the job done.  Obama who is too willing to capitulate and allow Iran to build nuclear weapons, is probably not the leader we need to do the job.  Unfortunately, Obama's Communist, Socialist and Muslim upbringing makes him uniquely unqualified to deal with this Islamic Fascist threat.  The reality is that Obama is no Ronald Reagan, or Winston Churchill; that's for sure.   

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