Friday, March 27, 2015

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid Announces Retirement - Time For The Happy Dance

After six terms in office at 75 years old, dinosaur Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada has announced his retirement.  It is time for a National Happy Dance.  While Dirty Harry always brought home the bacon in Nevada, where this Blogger lives, he did it by adding to our $18 Trillion National Debt that he leaves behind for generations to pay.  Further, no other person, other than Pinocchio Veto Obama did as much to damage the state of Nevada and or the nation than Dirty Harry Reid.  As the Socialist Senate Majority leader, before the Republican take over in 2014, Reid presided over a completely dysfunctional US Senate, since he was unwilling to take up the more than 400 bills enacted by the Republican led House of Representatives, many with Bi-Partisan support.  Reid acted as a little Hitler preventing the federal government from functioning. 

But what Dirty Harry did do was ram through ObamaCare in the middle of the night, without one single Republican vote, by using Reconciliation to avoid the 60 vote rule in the Senate.   Republicans learned this tactic well as they will now use Reconciliation to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare and the sooner the better.  The people of Nevada know very well that Dirty Harry Reid used his terms in office to enrich his family by crooked real estate deals and having his family members serve as paid lobbyists in Washington DC.   This Blogger has asked many times, how does someone serving in Congress for many terms, earning $174,000 a year, required to maintain two homes, leave as a multi-millionaire knowing that the answer is corruption and influence peddling.  Dirty Harry Reid was not able to live at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC on his Senate salary alone; that's for sure. 

This Blogger has often said that Dirty Harry would have to be carried out of the Senate to leave because politics is the family business and that is about what is happening.  The supposed "accident' that Dirty Harry had on an exercise machine is clearly baloney.   Reid has been rumored to have mini strokes for years.  Whatever caused Dirty Harry Reid to literally break his face and damage one of his eyes, I would be willing to bet the land Reid crookedly acquired in Nevada, that he took a bad fall for some other reason.  Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid is clearly retiring for medical reasons.  Whatever the reason he has decided to call it quits, it is long overdue and welcome.   The American people and the people of Nevada will be better off with Dirty Harry Reid and many others like him out of office.   

Reid was a dinosaur and the poster child to advance a Term Limits Constitutional Amendment.  Having politicians of either party in office for decades is a recipe for corruption and gridlock.  Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada is a great example of incompetence and corruption in government.  Good riddance Dirty Harry and don't let the door hit you in the butt as you leave the national scene.  Try not to steal the Senate silverware as you walk out the door. 

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