Sunday, July 6, 2014

Veterans Medical System - More Money Down A Rat Hole

Instead of enacting legislation to deal with the Veterans Affairs Scandal, by making it easier to FIRE those involved and sending some of them to jail, Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and RINO Senator John McCain co-sponsored a "bi-partisan" bill to provide an additional $35 Billion to the Veterans Affairs Department, over the next ten years, to expand their system by building 26 new medical facilities in 17 states and Puerto Rico.   This bill was enacted by a vote of 93 - 3, which means many Republicans actually voted for this monstrosity.  So in this case, we have a corrupt and dysfunctional Veterans Affairs Department and medical system, so rather than fixing it through the private system, our elected representatives have rewarded these crooks, who cooked the books to get higher bonuses with more funding.  Go figure. 

This is another case of Stupid In America.  The reality is that the Veterans Affairs Medical System should have been sold off to private companies that would no doubt manage medical care better for VETS than the government has been doing.  Eligible VETS should then just be given a Voucher and or private medical insurance under ObamaCare, with a subsidy if eligible and allowed to go to any doctor or hospital of their choosing.   Creating even bigger government, in response to a failed system, is about as dumb as it gets.   The combined IQ's of our elected representatives gets them to the status of morons and not much higher. 

That vote of 93 - 3 just shows that Establishment Republicans don't get it.   We can always expect Socialists to vote for bigger government because that is their basis for staying in power to continue feeding at the trough.   One would hope that Republicans are smarter than that; but apparently not.  The solution to the Veterans Affairs Scandal and mess should have been less government involvement, not more.   But that is not how it works in Washington DC.  Screw up and your agency is rewarded with more money, even though it only makes the problem worse.   When are we going to see Common Sense coming out of Washington DC.   The answer is probably never until we have a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment and Term Limits for Members of Congress to end the corruption once and for all.  Some of these characters actually need to go to jail to stop the malfeasance we see everyday. 

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