Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stupid In America - Common Sense Is Dead

Common Sense in America is dead.  Instead, we see Stupid In America on a daily basis.  Let me count the ways:

1.  The Veteran Affairs Medical system fails to provide timely medical services for VETS and many die.  Administrators were caught cooking the books to steal bonuses from the American taxpayer.   Instead of firing and prosecuting these crooks and privatizing Veterans Affairs medical facilities, which is what should happen, both Republicans and Socialists will soon provide even more money to Veterans Affairs to grow government even bigger.  It does not get any dumber. 

2.  The United States spends more money on public education than any other country in the world; yet student achievement is below most other industrialized nations.  Instead of implementing reforms that would actually improve public education, the solution is always throwing more money at the problem to grow government bigger.

3.  The IRS and the Justice Department are now extensions of Obama's political apparatus targeting Conservatives, those of faith and anyone who opposes Obama's Socialist Schemes.   Instead of these people being fired and prosecuted, they get promoted, or allowed to retire to collect hefty pensions. 

4. The NSA and Homeland Security are spying on all Americans in the name of fighting Terrorism.  While we lose our freedoms, Terrorists organizations are alive and well and growing around the world. 

5. Our border with Mexico has collapsed.  Illegal Aliens are now referred to as "Refugees" from countries with lots of crime.  At the same time, the streets of Chicago and other inner cities in the US are a war zones as murders occur everyday.

6.  Our soon to be $18 Trillion National Debt grows with no end in sight.  This will lead to the economic collapse of the United States and civil strife on our streets.  This is the reason why Homeland Security and our city police departments are now paramilitary units preparing for the violence that will surely come when the those on the dole stop getting their checks. 

7. Medicare and Social Security are going bankrupt.  ObamaCare is unsustainable and will surely collapse as well; yet Socialists in Congress go on business as usual. 

8.  American companies are leaving the United States because the combined federal and state corporate income tax rate is often above 40%.  These companies are voting with their feet when they move to Ireland and other countries and pay 5% to 20%.  Well dah!

These are just a few examples of Stupid In America.  There is so much fraud, waste, abuse, corruption, incompetence and redundency in government that this Blogger could go on and on describing the death of Common Sense in America.   How on earth could we let these things happen.  We really do need to take back our country to end Stupid In America. 

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