Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Socialist's War On The Middle Class

This Blogger really detests Socialist's Class Warfare arguments because it intentionally divides our country; but the fact is that the Socialists are waging a war on the Middle Class in America.  Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has made a mess of our economy and it is really hurting the Middle Class most.   Wall Street is doing fine because of cheap money, but Main Street is bleeding.  Higher taxes and more regulations, by Obama's Executive Orders, are destroying jobs and Middle Class income.  In fact, in real terms the Middle Class is earning less today than when George W. Bush was President because many jobs have been pushed overseas by higher taxes and more regulations.  The reality is that we have more than 10 million Americans that have just given up looking for work altogether because there are no good paying jobs available for them; hence the lowest labor participation rate in three decades at around 62%.

Higher cost for medical insurance, as a result of ObamaCare and for food and energy because of EPA regulations are killing the Middle Class.  Obama, always out on the campaign trail, is pitching raising the minimum wage, as the solution to Middle Class problems.  But, this will not benefit the Middle Class at all since they typically earn more than minimum wage.   The Republican led House of Representatives has enacted more than 40 bills designed to create jobs and help the Middle Class.  Even though many of those bills have bipartisan support, Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, will not even allow those bills to come up for a vote.

Since Socialists have really hurt the Middle Class, they are attempting to create a different narrative to scare their PEEP's to the polls in 2014 and 2016.   Dizzy Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Big Mouth Dirty Harry Reid claim Republicans want to take birth control away from women as part of the War on Women.  Of course, this is ridiculous.  And then, Socialists claim that any criticism of Obama, one of the most incompetent Presidents in American history, is all about racism.   Again ridiculous. 

How does allowing thousands of illegal alien children from Latin America into our country help the Middle Class in America.  Socialist claim they are refugees fleeing danger in Central America.   Really.  What about the danger to Black American kids being shot in Chicago and other inner cities of our country.  Maybe those kids should flee to Canada for safety.  The Middle Class is suffering because of failed Obamanista policies that are killing jobs.  It really is that simple.   All of the other issues highlighted by Socialists are a smoke screen designed to avoid any discussion of Obama's many failures.  It is what it is. 

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