Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Obama Will By-Pass Congress To Grant Amnesty To Illegal Aliens

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is under enormous pressure from his PEEP's, which include the Illegal Alien Lobby, to use his Pen and Telephone to grant Amnesty to as many as 9 million Illegal Aliens.   In complete disregard of the law, Obama will probably start with about 4 million Illegal Aliens that have American born children and then use other excuses to get to all the other Illegal Aliens in the United States.  This is happening as Illegal Aliens, who should be arrested and deported, actually protest in front of the White House demanding Amnesty.

The rule of law has completely broken down under this lawless President at the same time that our border with Mexico has collapsed. as a result of Obama's intentional actions or inaction's.  While the IRS, Homeland Security, the Justice Department and the EPA Gestapos target law abiding Americans born in the United States, Obamanistas are doing everything they can to open our borders to Illegal Aliens granting them legal status.   What the hell is going on. 

If Obama does these things, it should be grounds for impeachment and or significant court challenges.   The House of Representatives should act to preserve the rule of law by filing Impeachment Proceeding if Obama continues to ignore the laws on the books.   Presumably, Republican Governors should file a Class Action Lawsuit against the President because he is impacting their state budgets by allowing Illegal Aliens into our country.  These Governors, representing the taxpayers in their states, most definitely have standing.

We could argue what should be included in Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which this Blogger supports, but the notion of Presidential usurpation of power is in violation of our Constitution and must be stopped.   And, this would be true whether it is Obama, or any other President.   The American people are losing our freedoms and our country.   We must stand up and say ENOUGH. 

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