Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Supreme Court Strikes Down Obamanista Over Reach

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama may have a pen and phone allowing him to make law by Executive Orders and Departmental Regulations, or so he thinks; but various courts concerning 13 separate instances of unconstitutional over reach have said NO.  The Hobby Lobby case is another example.  Obamanistas issued ObamaCare regulations requiring that companies fund 20 types of contraceptives for women in their medical plans.   16 of those contraceptives are regular birth control pills.  4 were Morning After, or Inter Uterine Devices that cause abortion to occur.   Hobby Lobby already provided and will continue to provide the 16 regular birth control pills, at company expense, for their employees.  It was the 4 abortion applications that Hobby Lobby owners, as devout Christians, declined to provide. 

The Supreme Court, by a vote of 5 to 4, upheld the owners of Hobby Lobby's right to exercise their religious beliefs by declining to pay for abortion related drugs or devices.  If Hobby Lobby had lost this case they would have faced fines of more than $400 million a year, which the Supreme Court also struck down as crazy.  This was a very narrow decision that only involves privately owned companies and in this case the 4 abortion related drugs, or devices.  

Of course, Socialists and the lame stream left wing media are already spreading propaganda about this case to win votes and campaign contributions.  Hobby Lobby is not denying their female employees birth control at company expense.   16 of the required birth control pills required by ObamaCare were never the subject of this case.  It was only those pills and devices that effectively caused an abortion to occur that were the subject of this case. 

Most important, at least related to privately owned companies, an owner's religious beliefs do not stop at the company door.  This Blogger made absolutely certain that our company health insurance does not cover abortion on demand because both my wife and I are ardently pro-life.   Since we pay for a substantial portion of our company's medical insurance, there is no way we could participate in paying for abortions.   We do cover birth control pills.   

Abortion on demand, paid for by an employer, as a form of birth control, is not a right under our Constitution.  Any woman seeking an abortion has access to Planned Parenthood, or other organizations to secure this heinous procedure at low cost, or even for free.   No company, private or public should be forced to pay for abortions; though the Hobby Lobby case only covers privately owned companies.   Finally, the Supreme Court got it right.      

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