Sunday, July 20, 2014

Iran, Russia & Terrorists Playing Obama For A Sucker

Tyrants, Dictators and Terrorists around the world know that any red line in the sand drawn by Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is meaningless.  Obama did it again.   Iran has been given a four month extension and $2.8 Billion in freed assets to continue negotiations along a road to nowhere.   Iran continues to enrich uranium that they need to develop nuclear weapons with no end in sight.  Once they have the bombs and the missiles to deliver them, the negotiations will end.  That day is coming.   At that point, Western countries will have to accept a nuclear Iran, or implement all out war to stop it.  Four months from now, negotiations will break down.   When it happens, weak and incompetent Obama, will just impose more sanctions that will not stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  

The next President will either have to act to destroy Iran's nuclear capability, or impose a policy of containment, which may not be acceptable to Israel, our only real ally in the Middle East.   If containment becomes the only policy option, it will set off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East that will surely end in nuclear war.   The fanatical mullah's that run Iran are looking forward to Armageddon because they believe their Mufti will return when it occurs.  So the old concept of Mutually Assured Destruction is not relevant to them.   They want to destroy Israel even if it means they will be destroyed in the process. 

We are entering a new Cold War with Russia, except that naive Obama is too stupid to see it.  Generally, this Blogger has given Obama the benefit of the doubt related to his intelligence; but his Socialist ideology and lack of knowledge about history and economics and failure to learn the lessons of history makes him stupid.  Dictator Vladamir Putin is determined to create a Greater Russia just like his Communist Predecessors and Czars did before him.   The battle going on in Ukraine is just the beginning.  Putin wants all the former Soviet states back and he will do what he has to do to make it happen.  

The Baltic countries and countries like Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary are now part of NATO, which would put Russia and the United States in direct confrontation if Putin does anything to move on those countries.  Obama needs to make that impossible by providing sophisticated weapons to all these countries and the Ukraine, including the missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic, that he unilaterally eliminated without getting anything from the Russians in return.  Further, there is not one American tank still left in Europe.   The tanks need to go back in whether manned by Americans or Europeans. 

Finally, Terrorism is on the rise all over the world.  Obama is giving Israel tepid support in its battle with Hamas, a Terrorist organization.   The fact is that Israel must destroy both Hamas and Hezbollah on its borders, to protect their country, the same way we must destroy the Cartels in Mexico that are a threat to our National Security.  Al Queda is alive and well in North Africa, the Middle East and other countries in the world.  The Terrorists in Iraq, attempting to create a Caliphate across the Middle East and beyond, are thumbing their nose at Obama.  In all, Iran, Russia and Terrorists around the world are playing Obama for a sucker.  What is particularly dangerous is that Obama is too stupid and naive to see it.   The United States and our allies face new dangers that have we have not seen since the old Soviet Union existed thanks to Obama's feckless foreign policy.   We need Ronald Reagan's strategy of Peace Through Strength, not Obama approach of Leading From Behind, which is a clear and present danger to our nation.             

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