Thursday, July 10, 2014

ObamaCare Could Unravel - Court Case Pending

Another court case challenging the legality of ObamaCare is working its way through the courts.   In Halbig versus Sebelius, the Plaintiff is asserting that the IRS illegally is providing tax subsidies in all 50 states in violation of the law.   ObamaCare is written to say that subsidies may only be provided if implemented in conjunction with State Run Exchanges; not the Federal Exchange.  Clearly, when the Socialists wrote the law, they assumed that all States would set up their own Exchanges.   The fact is that only 14 states did so.   36 states chose not to set up Exchanges so people in those states were forced on to the Federal Exchange. 

Obamanistas won this case in a lower court; but now it goes to  the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia and there is some thinking that this Court will rule against Obama.  Either way, this case is going to the Supreme Court.  This will be Chief Justice John Roberts last chance to strike down ObamaCare.  Let's hope he gets it right this time.  Most important, the language in the law is clear.   What is happening now by Obamanista Executive Order and IRS regulations is illegal.  

If Obama wants to change the law, he would have to go back to Congress.  Obviously, Republicans will do nothing to facilitate ObamaCare so the law will not be changed in Congress.  Without the subsidies ObamaCare falls apart.   Let us hope that we are still a nation of laws; but time will tell on this one. 

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