Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Washington State Going To Pot

Washington state, along with some other states, has legalized marijuana sales.   This is not just medical marijuana; but marijuana for recreational use, as well.   So now for about $50, someone can buy enough marijuana for about 4 joints, which is pretty expensive and unproductive.   As more "dealers" are added presumably the price will come down making marijuana more affordable.   How can this be good for society.   What this Blogger does not understand is that if breathing cigarette smoke into your lungs, which we know causes cancer is bad, how can breathing marijuana smoke be any better.  One contains nicotine and the other contains a hallucinatory drug; but they are both smoke, which must involve some pollutants going into the lungs.   Why aren't the environmental wackos, always talking about breathing clean air, yelling and screaming about the direct ingestion of marijuana smoke into the lungs.   We are not hearing from them because many of them on POT HEADS.  It actually is pretty funny. 

And, those of us that pay all the income taxes in our country, will all be paying for ObamaCare going forward, for many of these Pot Heads when they need lung transplants.  As such, I think this is pretty darn dumb.  Where are the studies that deal with marijuana smoke.   If they exist, the lame stream, left wing media and Socialist politicians never speak of them because many of them are Pot Heads.   This is the culmination of the hippy generation many of whom grew up on Pot, including Socialist President Pinocchio Obama.  And, by the way, selling or using marijuana is still against federal law; but Obamanistas are looking the other way choosing not to enforce the law in states that legalize marijuana.   So what else is new?

There are entrepreneurs lining up to get these Pot dealerships, including some Republican friends of mine in Nevada.  Clearly, there is money to be made in drug addiction, whether illegal or legal.   There are groups like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers that came into being because of deaths caused by drunk drivers.   So, should we expect to see Mothers Against Pot Heads, in the future, when driving under the influence of marijuana causes deaths.   I would think so.   Further, marijuana is a gateway drug.  Once the high from marijuana is not sufficient, these Pot Heads will turn to more potent addictive drugs.   There are lots of studies that show this occurs. 

I know, I know, alcohol is legal and lethal in many cases so why not Pot.  The reality is that both alcohol and drug abuse are destroying families today.   Why add to the mix.   Why cause future health problems that those of us that pay income taxes will have to pay for.   This Blogger believes that legalization of recreational marijuana is dumb, dumb, dumb and marks another indication of the decline of our society.   If medical marijuana is valid to treat some illnesses, then make it into a pill, like any other prescription drug, that is not ingested into the lungs.  In the meantime, watch out for Pot Heads on our streets coming to a city near you. 

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