Saturday, July 19, 2014

Israel - The Right Of Self Defense

This Blogger recently happened to see a bunch of young people protesting Israeli military action in Gaza.  They carried posters saying Stop Killing Innocent People In Gaza.   The reality is that those "innocent people" support Hamas, that governs them.  Hamas is a Terrorist Organization supported by Iran.  It is  important to realize that Israel pulled out of Gaza several years ago, which involved bull dozing several Israeli Settlements.  They did so in the hope that it would buy peace.  What they got in return was control by Hamas and thousands of rockets fired at their cities every year since then.  So far, only a few Israeli's have been killed thanks to their Iron Dome Missile Defense System; but if not for that system thousands of innocent Israeli Civilians would be dead today.

How long can any country stand for rockets being fired on their cities.  You can bet that if this was happening to the United States, we would take quick and decisive military action to stop it.  The lame stream left wing media in many countries condemns Israel for defending their nation.  Just imagine if one of those rockets were to hit a left wing media outlet building and their people were killed.  I suspect it would be a very different story. 

This Blogger has been to Israel.  The Israeli's, which include Jews, Moslem's, Christians and probably atheists have built a remarkable, democratic country in the midst of Middle East chaos.   Western countries have given the Palestinians billions of dollars to buy peace, much of which has ended up in Swiss bank accounts.  Corruption in Arab countries and the Palestinian Territory, including Gaza, is rampant, which prevents economic development.   I saw the third world conditions with my own eyes when we "crossed the border" into the Palestinian Territory to go to Bethlehem to visit the church where Jesus was born.

Israel has every right to defend their country.   If Palestinians wanted peace, they could have it tomorrow.  Disputes over a few feet of land, one way or another, are not an excuse to continue the attack on Israel.  It is also very possible that Jerusalem could become the capital of both Israel and Palestine under the right agreement and circumstances.  Of course, all countries must accept Israel's right to exist as a condition of any peace agreement to normalize relations in the Middle East.  Since both most Arab countries and Iran, that is building nuclear weapons, do not accept Israel's right to exist and even threaten the Jewish people with annihilation; a constant state of war has existed since Israel was founded in 1948.  Until this changes about the best we can hope for is a Cold War in the Middle East.  In the mean time, Israel must do what it has to do to keep their citizens safe.  What else can they do?

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