Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Socialists & Communists In America

Americans that cling to our faith, guns and family values should all see the movie America: Imagine The World Without Her produced by Dinesh D'Souza, the conservative author.   It it D'Souza dispels all the lies and propaganda continually preached against America by the Socialists and Communists in government, the lame stream left wing media and academia.  These people hate the free market capitalism that has made the United States the greatest country in human history.  Many of them, including Pinocchio Obama and Hillary Clinton were students of Socialist-Communist Community Organizer Saul Alinsky from Chicago, who wrote the book 12 Rules for Radicals. 

Obama, the Community Organizer, is a Socialist and may even be a Communist who is following those rules to transform our country into a Socialist nation.  Think about it.  Though it may appear that Obama is incompetent; he is methodically working to destroy the America created, by our Founding Fathers, under the Constitution that was based on the rule of law, limited government, free market capitalism and individual freedom.   Alinsky preached Class Warfare to divide and create envy among our people.   Obama talks of "income equality" and portrays the rich as evil following this party line.  The story goes that the rich are rich because the poor are poor, not because they may be smarter and work harder. 

Obamanistas loved the General Motors and bank bail-outs because it gave them more control over our financial system.   In general, Obamanistas support Crony Capitalism to make companies dependent on them.  Higher government spending does that as well as 40% of our GDP now relates to local, state and federal government spending making it impossible for many companies to oppose cuts to spending.  Obama's goal is to make as many Americans dependent on government, as possible, so they will vote for Socialists, feeding at the trough and even bigger government.  As such, Obamanistas intentionally kill jobs, which is the reason today we have the lowest labor participation rate in three decades and 50 million Americans on Welfare and Food Stamps and more than 10 million Americans on Disability Benefits.   This is all out of the Alinsky School of Socialism-Communism. 

In addition, Obamanistas are using the apparatus of government at the IRS, NSA, EPA and Justice Department to punish those who love freedom and oppose Socialism and Communism, including Dinesh D'Souza who was indicted for violating campaign contribution laws.  The IRS targets Conservatives and Religious Groups.   The NSA is spying on all Americans.  The EPA, as one of Obama's Gestapos, is destroying whole industries.  And, the Justice Department, under Eric Holder is the most politicized in American history.   Obama has allowed our border to collapse to overwhelm our country by an invasion.   Finally, Obama wants to cause the economic collapse of the United States, which is the reason for all the deficit spending adding to our National Debt.  

Further, Obama is out to weaken our country by cutting back on our military.  These Socialists-Communists believe in one world government where the United States is one nation among many; following the orders of the United Nations, not one nation above all.  This Blogger has been saying for years that Obama is the biggest threat to our freedom that the United States has ever faced.  Obama is supported by Socialists-Communists Atheists in the left wing lame stream media and those in Academia that are teaching kids in our public schools and at our universities and colleges their left wing ideology and propaganda.  This is the reason they support Common Core, which is nothing more than a vehicle to spread left wing Socialist, anti-religious ideology. 

President Abraham Lincoln called it right when he said the danger to America would come from within our country, not from a foreign enemy.  See the movie America: Imagine The World Without Her to better understand the enemy and evil in our midst.   We have to take back our country at the ballot box and soon to preserve our freedom and way of life.   Otherwise, we are headed for economic collapse, civil strife on our streets and the potential dissolution of the United States.  Don't think it can't happen because there are many examples in history where it has happened.        

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