Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Polarization In America - The Great Divide

There has always be Us and Them in America; but Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress has divided our country like no other time since the Civil War and it is very dangerous.   Socialists have come to realize that they can only win elections by creating greater polarization in our country because otherwise their Socialist Schemes have been such a failure that they simply can't run for office on their record. 

So, Socialists continue to practice Class Warfare to divide our country along class lines defining those of us who are successful as greedy and evil, rather than the roll models and job creators that we truly are.  Socialists also demonize those of us that cling to our guns, religion and family values as somehow out of the mainstream.   The Socialists also claim it is unpatriotic if the 50% of us that pay all the income taxes in our country complain about the confiscation of our hard earned money by a power elite in Washington DC and State Capitals because they continue to use our money to win elections so that they can continue feeding at the trough.  

The Socialists also say that when we argue for a balanced budget to avoid the economic collapse of the United States that we are "racist" because presumably it would mean denying benefits to their able bodied PEEP's on the dole.  Finally, when we push back on the Gestapo tactics of the IRS, the EPA, the Justice Department and Homeland Security to preserve our freedoms, arguing for limited government in keeping with our Constitution, the Socialists describe us gun carrying, subversives to be feared and targeted by government.

Abraham Lincoln once said that a nation divided against itself cannot stand.  Lincoln further went on to say that danger and threats to our country would not come from foreign shores; but rather from within our nation.  It is amazing how prophetic Lincoln was in these pronouncements.  So today as a result of the divide created by Socialists to win elections, we have a President and a Congress that simply cannot work together to get important things done.   This divide is so great that this Blogger has even determined that we have no interest in being friends with anyone that does not share our values.  As such, we ended a relationship with neighbors in the last election that supported Obama.  It is just too hard to be friends with left wing Socialists and why bother anyway.  We have nothing in common. 

Socialist President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada will not allow common sense bills enacted by the Republican House of Representatives, many with bi-partisan support, to even come up for a vote in the Senate.  There are at least 40 bills passed by the House that would create jobs.   We could also have comprehensive Immigration Reform, if and only if, the Socialists would agree to secure the border first and abide by the laws already on the books.  But none of these things will happen because of the polarization caused by Obama and the his Socialist pals at all levels of government.  This is all very dangerous to our country.   

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