Friday, July 18, 2014

Obama Gutting US Military As Threats Grow

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and his pals in the Congress are gutting the US Military to levels not seen since the end of World Wars I & II to fund all their Socialist Schemes and programs for their PEEP's.  Obama's clear goal is to weaken our nation.  While Obama attends fundraisers, the world is literally exploding as we face new threats everyday.   Terrorists are gaining control in North Africa.  Israel and the Middle East are in a state of war.  Russian Dictator Vladamir Putin, the former head of the KGB in the old Soviet Union, is attempting to recreate a greater Russia taking over the countries on Russia's border.  As a result, we have war in the Ukraine in the heart of Europe.  And, China is threatening all of its neighbors, including Japan, related to claims on islands that belong to other countries in Asia.  Finally, we have lost control of our border with Mexico as daily we face an invasion from the South. 

Despite this accurate picture, Obamanistas claim that the world has never been more "tranquil" as a result of Obama's lead from behind foreign policy.   These people in the White House must be smoking dope because no one with a working brain could possibly assert that we are safer today then when George W Bush was President.  What we need is Ronald Reagan's Peace Through Strenght policy to make certain that we have peace.  Obama has created a vacuum.  When the US is weak, Terrorists, Dictators and Tyrants fill the vacuum, which is exactly what is happening around the world. 

It is time for Obama to man up if that is even possible with this incompetent President.  First, we must put the missile defense system, that Obama unilaterally stopped, back into Poland and the Czech Republic.   We must make it clear to Iran that we will bomb their nuclear facilities if they don't stop developing nuclear weapons, since the negotiations under way are a road to no where.   We simply cannot allow Iran, that regularly funds Terrorists around the world, to develop nuclear weapons.  We must do what we can to stop the Terrorists in Iraq and Syria from taking over those countries, including using air power to destroy them.  We must become energy independent to support Europe held hostage by Russia.   WE HAVE TO SECURE OUR BORDER TO STOP TERRORISTS AND ILLEGAL ALIENS FROM ENTERING OUR COUNTRY EVEN IF IT MEANS PUTTING THE US ARMY ON THE BORDER AND INTO MEXICO.  Finally, we must restore monies to our military to make certain we have a military second to none. 

Of course, none of these things will happen as long as Obama is in office and the Socialists control any branch of government.   The end result is that the United States and our allies are in terrible danger.  Sadly, many Americans may have to die, as a result of Terrorist attacks around the world and we will have to wait until we have a strong President again to rebuild our military to protect our nation.   This is Jimmy Carter II.  Let us hope that we elect another Ronald Reagan in 2016.  If not, we will continue to see wars around the world that must eventually involve the United States.   We have seen this story many times before in history.  Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are destined to experience the same misery again.  It is what it is. 

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